Chakras Balance Test

Terms of Use

We present the terms and conditions of using our services - learn about the rights and duties of the administrator, as well as about your rights and privileges as a user of our website.

1. General assumptions.

a) These Regulations contain the rules of the Website and the use of its Services.

b) Regulations in electronic form are available in the main menu of the Website.

c) By accepting these Regulations, you confirm that you are familiar with its contents and express your will to use the Website in accordance with the rules set out in the Regulations.

d) Administrator and owner of the Website is WIOSNA Wojciech Nowak.

e) The Website is addressed to citizens of every state who have the legal capacity to use this Website as well as its Services.

2. Definitions.

a) Administrator - WIOSNA Wojciech Nowak.

b) Regulations - this document.

c) Website - internet portal available at: http: // The website has an information and education profile.

d) The User is any person who uses the content and / or Services of the Website.

e) The service consists in providing the User with the results of tests published on the Website.

3. Services and their scope.

a) Services consist in providing the User with:

     general information about his character,
     information about the possibilities of changing character by developing its positive features.

b) All services provided to the User are selected by the Website individually, in terms of responses provided by the User.

c) The Website Administrator made sure that the information provided to the User would be in accordance with the generally available state of knowledge and would be sensible and clear to the public.

4. Administrator and his responsibility.

a) The Administrator is not responsible for interruptions in the functioning of the Website due to technical reasons, such as equipment inspection or maintenance. If in the performance of the Services there are problems for reasons objectively independent of the Administrator, such as: random accidents, the Administrator's liability also remains disabled.

b) Any information obtained by the User as part of the Website Services is not a basis for claims against the Administrator or other persons acting on his behalf. The information provided by the Website should not be treated as a source of knowledge, hence the Administrator can not be responsible for individual decisions made by the User as a result of obtaining this information.

c) The Administrator assumes responsibility for failing to meet its obligations towards the User as part of an error caused intentionally. In other areas, the Administrator's liability is disabled.

d) The Administrator reserves the right to comprehensively modernize the content of the Website, including:

    changing and supplementing existing content,
    removing parts of the pages or the whole,
    temporary or complete closure of the Website

- without prior warning of the User.

e) The Administrator is not liable for incorrect use of the Website Services, resulting from ignorance of these Regulations or non-compliance with the rules set out in the Regulations. In case of incorrect receipt by the User of the properties of a given Service as a result of the above-mentioned causes, the Administrator's responsibility also remains disabled.

5. Copyright.

a) Copyright is protected all content available on the Website, such as: logotype, texts, photos, illustrations, as well as the graphic design of the Website.

b) All copyrights belong to the Administrator.

6. Complaints.

a) The User may address his complaints using the Contact Form available in the Service's Main Menu.

7. Final provisions.

a) The Administrator reserves the right to make changes to these Regulations by posting them on this page. All changes to the Regulations enter into force when placed on this page.

b) The Polish law is the law applicable to all legal relationships arising from these Regulations, and all disputes shall be resolved in the court with jurisdiction over the Administrator's office.

c) In matters not covered by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of law shall apply.

d) These Regulations enter into force on: 30/11/2016.