Chakras Balance Test

Obsessive Sexual Chakra

No opportunity to hit on, seduce or initiate sexual contact will be omitted. Everyday you have sexual fantasies and watching porn online is a regular habit. You are a very emotional person, whether it is male aggression, fear or pride, or feminine excitement or experiencing "how he / she could do it to me". You experience feelings in an uncontrolled and escalating way, you are the epitome of passion in positive and negative sense. Note your addiction to sensual pleasure as the main way to improve your well-being. You compulsively comfort yourself with food or other sensual pleasures, it masks the shortages and the lack of love, attention, freedom and life balance. You strive for bodily comfort and self-indulgence in every area of ​​your life, inability to maintain your state of comfort causes negative emotions and reactions. You feel proud of your studied bodily appeal and use the sophisticated art of seduction and attraction of the opposite sex at every opportunity. You can "enter" into a mating dance even for the so-called "sport". You are characterized by hedonistic attitude to life, pleasant butterfly like, switching from one joyful moment to another. You will neatly combine some compulsive addictions that make your days flow in painlessly, in a really nice dopamine flow until the time of regeneration arrives.