Chakras Balance Test

Blocked Power Chakra

Do you know why you lack the willpower and skill to "break through"? When did you lose confidence and became passive person? What are you doing to increase your sense of self worth and personal power? Do you feel you are a submissive person and in most of the situations you prefer to be led by hand? You are flexible even when your personally acceptable limits are being crossed. Power and dominance are alien to you, you are subject. Your internal honor code, which you follow, is minimal, often your conduct is inconsistent with it. Do you know why you have shaky self-discipline and often succumb to whims or persuasions? Will you agree to the statement that your Ego is tiny and personality delicate and uncertain? Your assertiveness level is minimal, anybody can talk you into anything even, when you know, that you are getting in trouble, your persistence lasts until the first obstacle, in the stubbornness you are the reverse of the donkey.

Why are you characterized by little desire for victory? When you lose, you are not surprised and you do not expect to win. In terms of work you agree on minimum pay as something proper and ok to be expected. As a rule you feel like a victim, failures and harms you suffer, you explain with the fault and responsibility of others. You suffer in silence or you make yourself a martyr for the show.