Chakras Balance Test

Weak Power Chakra

Do you notice that only when you no longer see other option, leaning with your back against the wall, do you dare defend your opinion and reach for the power of your personality? You are often submissive, sometimes you manage to dominate. You like to be led, though sometimes you manage to lead. You are very flexible, but in important matters you can strengthen your position and defend your opinion. Sometimes you take over power, but you are most often in a group of subordinates. You have a code of honor, a personal set of rules of conduct in life. You try to stick to it in different life situations, but you do not always succeed. You are working on self discipline, but things happen, it is easier for you to demand it from others. Your personality has stronger features though it is rather submissive. Ego is rather small and not imposing, although sometimes it can shine. You are assertive in important matters, but you often cannot refuse when you are solicited. You are characterized by persistence, but sometimes you give up one step away before success. For show, you can resist, though it's easy to dissolve your insistence. As a rule, your desire for victory is not great and you humbly reconcile with the development of the situation, but sometimes, in an important case, you can fight for your own. You do not see yourself on the path to a career, but when you have the chance to advance, you fight for it. You often feel lost and victim in different situations. Then you complain and make a martyr of yourself, or you suffer in silence.