Chakras Balance Test

Balanced Power Chakra

You consciously develop your willpower and build the power of personality, you deepen it in battles with the eccentrics of the world and your own weaknesses. You can adjust the power of your reactions and expressions accordingly to situation and recipient. You have charisma and everyone feels it.

Consciously and harmoniously, you enter the role of leader or subordinate. You sensibly use your power and you are flexibly dominant. You also know how to be submissive, you are easy to lead and control. You have your own honor code of conduct and consciously, though flexibly, stick to it. You demand from yourself and others internal discipline and respect for the rules, although you adjust the requirements to the situation and capabilities of the person. Consciously and proudly, yet with humble attitude, you let your Ego on the stage of Life. You can shine like a Hollywood star, and when there is a need, without regret you give other actors the place of Primadonna. Personality rich and sophisticated, but without pressure on self-presentation or fame. Consciously and consistently you use assertiveness, but you can also listen to the voice of heart and feelings and without regret, in the name of higher values, give up being assertive and devote yourself to serving. You are persistent but gentle, stubborn but you can let go. You like and want to win, consciously strive for victory, not to play hardball but with respect for your competitors and higher values. You enjoy high position and authority, whether it involves promotion at work or other areas of life. You accept defeats and loses with a smile, as part of Life. You can make the perpetrator pay for his/her actions, but you can also approach your pain with gentleness and distance. You peacefully rise again after you fell and go through life. Courageously, consciously and sensibly use your harmonious energy of Power Chakra to be an example and support for others in this area of ​​Life.