Chakras Balance Test

Overactive Power Chakra

Often, your strong personality carries you away and you overwhelm your interlocutors. You train the power of your will on yourself and others, which can end up with excessive domination and forced submission or fatigue of yourself by self-inflated expectations. Would it help if you had more sensibility and gentleness? You are a bossy person, naturally you lead and dominate others, you are habitually taking control. You rule against your subordinates and disregard the legitimate resistance. You are characterized by small flexibility and difficulty in being led, you can not be subdued even if the situation requires it. Strong self-discipline and expectation of observing rules effects in you being perceived as insensitive or inflexible. The pressure to be in harmony with the inner compulsions, causes you to insensibly lean on others when you subjectively consider someone's conduct to be improper or unethical. You have strong criticism for others and yourself. Your big, puffy Ego likes to shine socially, and rich in virtues Self enjoys moments of self-presentation. You are stubborn and when you decide "no" or "yes", then no concession of the other party of dispute can convince you to change your mind. You are very persistent, often you play hardball to achieve a goal. Sometimes the desire for victory can blind you and cross the borders of common sense and normality, and then you secretly regret because people turn away from you. You want to get promoted, career turns you on. You are definitely more of an aggressor than a victim, when you lose or you are defeated, you threaten, struggle internally and plan revenge.