Chakras Balance Test

Blocked Heart Chakra


Do you know why you lack the ability to love unconditionally and selflessly? Note that you can only give "conditional" love, that is, you give love, provided that you get what you want and expect from the other person.

You are an egocentric who is focused only on himself, his feelings and thoughts. The pleasures of empathy, emotional unity and harmony with the other person are unknown to you. The beauty and vibration of nature are indifferent to you, even though there is a source of healing there.

Instead of the miracle of positive vibration and gratitude, you are accompanied by negative emotions and roaming thoughts when you swing between disappointment when everything is “wrong”, and haughtiness when you achieve success. Notice the constant state of tension and "struggle" in life, or the feeling of resignation that accompanies you.


The flow of mutual giving and taking of support, attention, interest or love is blocked. Do you feel your existence does not matter to anyone, you do not have hope, you have separation anxiety disorder or suffer from emotional, existential loneliness?


You do not really promise anything to anyone, neither loyalty nor faithfulness. You do not feel obligated to keep promises or vows made to others.


Forgiveness does not exist in your spiritual repertoire. What events have created in you "heart of stone" and the inability to forgive others, and probably also yourself? You habitually judge harshly and hold grudges in your emotional body, you wait for the opportunity for revenge. You live in low vibrations of suppressed hatred, contempt and cruel indifference. Why do you choose to sustain your suffering by holding on to such an attitude?


You lack voice of conscience "how to proceed for the good of the other person" or lack the impulse to follow the voice "I will do as my conscience tells me"


A connection with the person at the same stage and level of spiritual development is missing in your life.


You do not want to serve other people or ideas. When you serve you get the feeling of martyrdom (you harrow). Your Ego or fear of losing your position block you. You associate service with coercion.