Chakras Balance Test

Weak Heart Chakra


Unconditionally and selflessly You love only a few exceptional people, most often your own children, or beloved life partner. Or another person whom you totally trust and whose support you can always count on.

You are open emotionally to and empathically "you feel" the people closest to you. In contact with the rest of the people, you maintain a safe distance and restraint rather than connection and empathy. You can see and appreciate the beauty of nature and its healing vibration.

You have moments of gratitude, but in everyday life you let the feeling of disappointment or pride of the ego dissipate the positive energy of gratitude from the heart. You fight or flee more often than you gently flow with the stream of life. It will help you to practice the habit of noticing at least one positive aspect of every life event.


Why in your life, the flow of giving and receiving support, attention, interest and love is limited to the circle of most loved ones? Do you sometimes feel emotionally lonely? How often do you miss someone willing to support you, someone who would give you the attention you need and the time to talk and be heard, feel important for someone and taken care of? Why do you lack balance in this area, that is, you are more giving than receiving, or vice versa more receiving than giving?


You try to promise as little as possible, to avoid being burdened with keeping promises. You are loyal to the closest people and it is the end of the list of people you feel responsible for fulfilling your promises.


You can forgive if the repentant perpetrator of harm can apologize and offer reparation. All others, uncritical of their bad deeds, your wrongdoers you blacklist as not worthy of you, cultivate resentment and victim attitude, and wait for the opportunity for revenge. Do not you see that by refusing to forgive them, you double harm yourself by cultivating resentment and supporting low vibrations of hatred, contempt and indifference? Ensuring that the guilty person has suffered the consequences of his bad deeds is one thing, but holding grudges keeps you in low spiritual vibrations.


Sometimes when you have a chance to make decisions about someone you like or who is close to you, you hear the voice of conscience and intuitively know what the right thing to do in a given situation. Do you know what causes you, sometimes towards close ones, and often towards anyone, to act differently than your conscience tells you?


Sometimes you happen have to attractive moments of a deeper connection with someone who is at the same stage and level of spiritual development.


Service is acceptable to you, only towards your loved ones i.e. children, or to people who can reciprocate. You associate thought of serving others with coercion.