Chakras Balance Test

Overactive Heart Chakra


Your kindness, patience and selflessness can have an unbalanced dimension, with the dominance of giving and sacrificing for others. You are a "giver", "caregiver", do you know what events in your life shaped you so? Try to give yourself a similar amount of attention and love as you give to others, and harmony in this area will come.

Sometimes your excessive automatic and habitual compassion for others makes life difficult for you, especially when the incoming messages are heavily negative or tiringly chaotic. Why can’t you cut off and focus on harmony with yourself? Stay more in the bosom of nature, immersing yourself in positive only, healing vibration.

Acting out of gratitude from the heart gives you a good feeling, but in this conditioned world various life challenges and difficult events also need to be addressed at the material level. Get down to the ground from the mental levels, draw conclusions, plan and take firm grounded actions on the existential levels. Be grateful for the lessons, but also draw conclusions from them and correct your actions.


Dedicating yourself and the considerable amount of time and effort to support the important people in your life can take on a one-sided form: based solely on your giving. Don’t you feel you are important enough to get support too? You may feel that giving attention is your most important trait in the eyes of your loved ones. You probably imagine that because you give interest and support, you deserve their attention and love. You are not looking for opportunities to ask and receive because you are afraid that they will refuse you and it will hurt, with feelings of being unloved and unimportant. Or, conversely, you are a taker, you feel that everyone should give you attention, interest, support, love and help that you deserve, and they must give you everything you want and when you want. Why is it so difficult for you to maintain harmony in this area?


If you promise to be loyal and faithful, they can rely on you 100%, even if it will cost you disproportionate and considerable time and financial sacrifices. Do you know why you accept as normal, such unhealthy relationships and contracts?


You forgive quite easily and quickly, though maybe not everybody and not everything. For some reason you underestimate the harm that has come upon you, and you are content with apologies and symbolic compensation. Only in exceptional cases are you looking for just consequences for the responsible person. You do not like to hold on to feeling victim for too long, you avoid feeling angry, you get tired with low vibrational state of resentment, jealousy, contempt, indifference or harshness for the perpetrator. You forget to verbally express your "emotional energy" directly towards the responsible person, which makes it difficult for you to release it and let go, in order to move to direction of complete forgiveness. Don’t you see that they, in order to be able to transform, need to bear the consequences of their bad deeds?


The voice of conscience is very important to you, and it often bothers you a lot. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by internal feelings of duty towards others "I have to help", "I should not do sth". Do you feel that you are responsible for “everything"? Note that it is not healthy, neither for you nor for others.


It is very attractive for you to have a connection with people at similar levels of spiritual development. That state of connection attracts you, you want to remain in it as long as possible, even at the expense of your duties in the material world.


You can forget yourself in a mission of service, which can lead to dependency of the person receiving help on the helping person. Remember, it’s healthy for both of them, that every service has its end. Also because the person receiving help and care wants to be independent, and no longer than necessary dependent on the person who helps.