Chakras Balance Test

Weak Root Chakra

It is possible, that only your own house or apartment gives you a feeling of refuge, and everywhere else you feel "alien". Probably you satisfy mainly the basic needs of the body, that is, providing warmth, sufficient food and safe shelter. It is possible that in nature you feel good only in spring and summer, when you can rest in the designated safe places, and there your comfort zone ends.

You may find it difficult to maintain a steady source of income and may have frequent concerns about material survival, and your state of possessions is a basic resource of necessities for existence. It may be that your self-preservation instincts only work in immediate danger to life or health, and the desire to live is evident mainly in positive moments and circumstances. Sometimes people with weak Root chakra, besides work and most important duties, show a modest initiative and little dynamics in action. Perhaps you notice a level of "grounding" that is sufficient only for existential survival, meaning good contact with only the essential aspects of material reality. Often, people with weak level of this chakra are characterized by real thinking about simple life issues and successfully implement their minimum plan. Perhaps you have one child or would like to have only one in the future.