Chakras Balance Test

Obsessive Heart Chakra


Your automatic habit of giving attention or love is deep and unconscious, you lack moderation and harmony in that area. Your social reaction is bestowal, caring and taking care of, which makes you often emotionally, energetically or financially used and sucked out by leeches and parasites, which you do not notice or care for. Why do you have to do that, what pattern do you repeat? And what is your unconscious reward you receive from these behaviors? Why you do not give yourself as much love and attention as you give others? A saying fits you "who has a soft heart, must have a hard ass".

You are like an empathetic listening station that can not switch off. The gift of empathy has taken control of the Beneficiary(you), causing you to be overwhelmed by the river of the feelings and thoughts of others, to the point that you lose the awareness of what you personally feel and think. Try out spiritual cut-off rituals, purify your aura and heal in the vibration of nature.

You are the master of self-deception through positive thinking, when the material world shows you otherwise, that you need to correct your earthly actions. Gratitude and positive thinking only will not replace drawing conclusions from your deeds and their consequences and learning from mistakes. Get down to Earth as soon as possible.


You are a habitual, extremely polarized Giver or Taker of attention, interest, listening, support, love and help. So either you keep giving until there is nothing more left to give. Or you keep taking, because you feel you deserve to get what you need, that they should or have to give. What blocks you from developing a greater balance in this area?


Your loyalty to the people, fidelity to the contracts and sacrifice to meet your commitments doesn’t have healthy boundaries. You get into hot water, you lose money, you sacrifice your position, even if your efforts are not appreciated, and you yourself are abused. Do you know why you have such a disharmonious style of giving and why you sacrifice yourself altogether on the altar of inconsiderate promises?


You quit and automatically forgive everyone who is doing wrong to you. For some reason you pretend that nothing has happened and you are not looking for fulfillment and just consequences for the culprits. You deny yourself the right to feel hurt victim, you dump out of consciousness or pretend to yourself that you do not feel hurt and angry, you deny the experience of resentment, jealousy, contempt, indifference or harshness to the perpetrator. Blocking these feelings does not serve you, because you do not give yourself the opportunity to "let go" of the emotional energy, you do not express, what is needed completely release it and to achieve catharsis.


You are the conscience of the world, you feel personally responsible for everything that goes wrong for everybody. Such burdening yourself takes away your positive energy and the clarity of the separation of the matters that you have impact on, and your help is welcome, from those for whom responsibility only weakens you and puts you mentally.


You are attracted to being inspired and deeply connected with someone at a similar level of spiritual development. You can not stop enjoying it as often and as long as possible and in the meantime, your duties in the material world remain unfulfilled.


Fixing at the service leads you to impose your help to people who do not need it or are not ready to accept it. You also escalate your erroneous conviction that you are responsible for the salvation of the whole world.