Chakras Balance Test

Blocked Communication Chakra

It is very difficult for you to stay on topic and calmly present your views, feelings and beliefs to your interlocutors. You are a taciturn or you talk about less important matters regarding the daily life. When you start talking about something important to you, you get a lump in your throat, shake and tangle, while experiencing conflicting negative emotions and thoughts, resulting from a low sense of worth and fear of being judged. Do you know what events in your life shaped you so? Language you use is either completely simple and raw or chaotic and difficult to understand. Perhaps you talk only little, or you are silent and only listen. You dance rarely and uncertainly, you do not play any musical instrument and you sing only little or never. Do you know why you limit your natural verbal and mimic expressions in contact with other people? Listening to a interlocutor is hard for you because of your lack of interest in the message, or because of the inner thrust of emotions and thoughts appearing in response to the interlocutor's words. Distracted by that "inner noise" you can not hear out the other person with all your heart and with a deep understanding. You need to spend time for inner dialogue with yourself, that will help you to put your own thoughts and beliefs in order, to work through emotions and to find inner peace. The subtle energy dimensions are out of your reach, probably because of various prejudices and patterns of thinking, closure in rationalism or intellectualism, omitting introspections and spiritual development. It would help you to face your own negative emotions and inner dilemmas, which will guide you to master inner dialogue with yourself and open the path to spiritual self-reflection and self-determination.