Chakras Balance Test

Weak Communication Chakra

Depending on your confidence and intimacy with your interlocutors, you let yourself express your thoughts, intentions, desires, ideas and emotions. Sometimes when the people you talk with about your life adventures, successes or failures, are skeptical or the audience is too big, you get the jitters, you get a lump in your throat and you may retreat or tangle in speech. Do low self-esteem and fear of being judged hinder you freely expressing yourself and your truths? When circumstances are favorable, you communicate expressively, use interesting and understandable language, have a lively facial expressions and gesticulation. When you reach a sufficiently high level of emotional energy and inner freedom, you also show yourself in dance or another favorite form of creative self expression. Why sometimes you do not feel free to express yourself openly?What stops you from shining in conversation and being a star of your story? You can listen when the subject of conversation matters to you personally, when the person you talk with is close to you, or when you care about the information and knowledge that someone is giving you. It is harder for you to actively listen when you are feeling emotionally distracted or when you can’t wait to say your own thoughts or opinion. Why sometimes it is hard for you to quiet yourself down and devote all your attention and understanding to the other person? In many life situations, you can rise above materialistic convictions, rational thoughts, and your own emotional patterns, to reach for the answer to inner truth and sincere self-reflection, or even extrasensory areas of subtle hints and information. However, you often fall into material rationalism, allow your negative emotional patterns to activate and make you react. Do you notice how it takes away your energy, maybe you're ready to let go and open up to higher levels?