Chakras Balance Test

Balanced Communication Chakra

Deliberately, openly and without fear, you express your feelings, thoughts and beliefs. At the same time, without shame and resistance, you present your weaknesses and strengths, you talk about your successes as well as failures. You are honest and open to directing your truth to other people. But if it’s needed, you can keep quiet. The language you are communicating with is fancy and clear, you have a full and nicely sounding voice. Your live facial expressions and explicit gestures are integral to the message. You have the ability to creatively and fully express yourself verbally, also through dance, music, or art. All creative means of expression, which you freely and lightly use, have the capacity to communicate your wisdom and truth. When needed, you consciously "switch" to listening to another person with whole heart and inner understanding. During listening, you remain faithful to yourself while accepting the difference of opinions and views of the other person. You acknowledge and accept with gratitude that all phenomena in Creation carry their own story. Your inner independence and your free expression let you enjoy deep joy of life and integrity. Freedom from prejudice, silent peace of mind and inner depth make you open to the reality of subtle dimensions. You can make direct contact with beings from subtle dimensions, and the knowledge that you make of it, you convey to others when you think it is meaningful, without fear of their judgment. You also engage in dialogue with yourself, practice self-reflection, and self-determination to develop the attitude of distance to Ego and the awareness of your sincere, inner truth of life. Intentionally and deliberately, you distinguish your inner voices: emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. You trust in personal higher guidance, there is "dharma" in your consciousness. Courageously, consciously and sensibly, use your harmonious energy of Communication Chakra to be an example and support for others in this area of ​​life.