Chakras Balance Test

Overactive Communication Chakra

Often when you talk about important matters or there is a heated discussion, you fall into the monologue, spilling out of you a continuous string of words containing your opinions, beliefs, knowledge, thoughts, feelings and experiences. Note the separation of your attention from the sensitivity or readiness of the listeners, when you predominantly present your "only right and true" views. Do you let yourself get carried away by subconscious urge "Mine is better" or "I know best" and unconscious desire to be important and in center of attention? Is there some kind of deliberate, hidden benefit for you that comes from overpowering your interlocutor? In conversation you dominate with voice, mimic and gestures, sometimes you strongly emphasize your words, especially when you lack arguments or when you are high on emotions. You raise voice, talk continuously, intensely and gesticulate. Why do you overpower with the form of communication, when you lack the content? You are a good listener, you can intentionally switch to listen and understand what an interlocutor wants to tell you. However, often the wave of heated discussion causes an overwhelming urge to speak your opinion. The desire to dominate in conversation wins, the need to be listened to and in the center of attention overpowers you. Still you could keep it a conversation and not monologue, right? As a rule, you keep your balance in listening honestly and openly to other people, while still hearing yourself. But often your inner dialogue with yourself, endless self-reflection and self-determination takes over control of your being. You become distracted and absent, with the attention absorbed by the flow of thoughts. Also, the influx of extrasensory information and subtle transmissions from other areas of being can disengage you from reality. Meditation with repeating mantras quietly/aloud, singing mantras with a group would help you.