Chakras Balance Test

Obsessive Communication Chakra

Almost always when you talk to people, you are motivated by elevated levels of emotion and subconscious desire to be important and heard. A continuous stream of words spills from you, containing your opinions, beliefs, knowledge, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and events. Perhaps you give continuous lectures and speeches about your ideas, visions, ideas and plans. You may abuse words and your ability to convince, to manipulate your interlocutor. Your voice is loud, you talk a lot and you dominate the conversation, but the message lacks deeper meaning. You do not allow yourself to disclose your weaknesses and admit your partner's rationale, but rather try to show your domination at all costs and even shout out. Why do you feel you have to scream to be heard? It is difficult for you to hear the interlocutor's story to the end. When someone says something, you automatically create your own answer in your head and you cannot wait until the other person finishes, to speak your mind. Listening to the other person with whole heart and inner understanding is very difficult for you because of your own constant mental impulses to express yourself and need to be in the center of attention. Possibly during your alone time, you are immersed in dialogue with yourself, self-reflection and self-determination. Your attention is predominantly focused on subtle messages, for others you may appear distracted or absent. You speak with yourself and it makes it difficult for you to live normal. Perhaps you are ready to silence the energy of this chakra?