Chakras Balance Test

Blocked Intuition Chakra

Your contact with intuition and your inner voice is minimal, probably you have lost access to it at some stage of your life, stopped paying attention to it, or someone made you lose confidence in hints coming from the inner of you. Intuitive understanding is difficult for you and does not happen naturally. Do you remember when and why you lost that ability? Try to make friends with the simplest and most practical type of intuition, the so-called intuitive warning, signaling possible danger. Spirituality and spiritual considerations you treat as tiring and useless, only the external, visible world is real for you. You reject spiritual truths because you consider them a product of imagination or a ridiculous dreaming without any practical reference. Your thinking is inclined to a large extent towards dominant opinions. Do you notice how your thoughts are controlled by your emotional patterns and programmed by external judgments and prejudices? Your intentional imagination is limited to simply dreaming about sex, possessions and entertainment. Often these are negative, recurring scenarios of confrontation and failures triggered by emotional fears and shortcomings. You run away from them into the unconscious staring at the TV screen, or awareness-reducing drugs. In difficult situations, you lose your head, chaotic thoughts appear, and you lack the creative win-win solution. You have a lot of negative beliefs from the past to release and let go. Your thinking leaps from detail to detail, without exploring inner dependencies and the overall picture. Transcendence is unfamiliar to you, you have not yet begun to seek the meaning of your life in the divine plan. Still ahead of you is to learn to see divinity in all things, through some form of spiritual practice. You live your life according to an unconscious plan and track set by your subconscious fears and limiting beliefs. You are led by polarity in thinking, desire for individuality and intellectual originality. The feeling of transcendence and unity sometimes happens to you, when you are in the midst of nature.