Chakras Balance Test

Weak Intuition Chakra

Often spontaneous flashes of intuition happen to you, sometimes an internal voice suddenly comes to your consciousness, prompting you, for example, to warn you of potential danger or suggesting someone's unclean intentions in a situation. You also can, in moments of dread and doubt, listen to your gut and get a hint from within to find the best solution. But often in the heat of emotions, or lost the flow of thoughts, you lose connection with the inner voice, and your solutions are poorer without its support. You can think reasonably, though a good deal of your views copycat popular opinions. You use your reasoning skills effectively to take care of yourself and your loved ones. You allow the most important spiritual truths to influence your thoughts and decisions i.e. "love your neighbor as yourself." Sometimes, you spontaneously or deliberately delve into your imagination in search of inspiration or solutions. You fantasize for pure pleasure to immerse yourself in visions full of opportunities and diversity, sensual pleasures and adventures. You can recover from the difficult experiences of everyday life by transforming dramatic and negative scenarios into positive imaginations. You are often connected to the world of illusion created by the creators of the mass media. When you want it, you can think holistically and explore the inner dependencies of a particular situation. You have moments of transcendence, you have entered the path of seeking the true meaning of your life in the divine plan. You enjoy sparks of divine inspiration, you experiment with various forms of self-development, seeking the way to peace and spirituality. You see the divinity in nature and miracles of life. In your plans you are guided by faith and balance, but fears, failures, and disappointments can push you off the road. You learn to recognize what increases your energy and vibration and what decreases it, and choose the right one.