Chakras Balance Test

Balanced Intuition Chakra

You consciously use your intuition and inner voice in every situation. Your thinking is based on direct inner recognition and intuitive understanding, and you freely cross the limits of rational reasoning. You develop confidence in your intuition, you focus on listening to its voice in order to sharpen the intuitive vigilance, and deliberately silence the doubts produced by the mind. By intuition you know whether your current way of life is consistent with your karmic path. In decisive moments you practice feeling attraction or repulsion of currents that connect you to the true path, to make a good decision. You listen to a quiet, peaceful inner voice, and intuition allows you to see signs pointing you to what you need to do. Consciously and with lightness you use your mental abilities and rational thinking, but you carefully verify the creations of your intellect. You have deep analytical and synthetic mental abilities, also a dogma free, open mind. In every situation, you have presence of mind. Spiritual truths are a very important reference for you in your meditations and decision-making. You intentionally allow your imagination to create inspirational visions that you then consciously visualize, turn into concrete plans and put into action. You receive through the inner voice the information that guides you through your life and you have trust and confidence in this guidance. Your creative discipline allows you to distinguish clairvoyance from delusion, and holistic thinking facilitates balance and helps avoid ego traps. You consciously look at yourself from position of quiet witness, watching your energy field, then you know whether your imagination leads you in the right direction of peace and harmony. You have the desire to discover the true meaning of your life, to sense and experience transcendence. You look for inspiration, you train your will and spiritual maturity, making contact with divinity through various forms of spiritual practice. You see divinity in all things. In fulfilling your plans, you are guided by harmony and faith, transforming the appearing fears and disappointments into forgiveness and acceptance. You actively express your spiritual will, withdrawing from what lowers the quality of your energy, and directing to what strengthens and raises it. You learn to cross polarity in thinking and to develop a sense of Unity with everything. Staying in harmony with the perception full of inspiration makes your life carefree and joyful.