Chakras Balance Test

Overactive Intuition Chakra

You are in good contact in your inner voice, although sometimes it gives contradictory hints. You get valuable tips that you put in good use, but you often get lost in multiple variouse intuition messages or you confuse them with emotions or intellect. Do you know why there is so much clutter in your cooperation with intuition? Work on grounding yourself, opening your heart and trusting in life, that will bring you peace and tranquility. Common sense and intellect most often dominate in your decision-making processes, but you often allow intuition to lead. Sometimes you manage to enter the level of a holistic perception and understanding of a situation, in a broader, also spiritual context. Your thinking then becomes lighter and free from negative beliefs, there is a healthy distance to the products of the intellect. You have a lush and creative imagination, you have day-to-day dreams and fanciful visions full of sensual temptations and surprising adventures straight from the action movie. You can intentionally visualize situations that await you and create coherent visions of the development of events that you then implement. Sometimes, your imagination is being captured by the negative or Machiavellian scenarios of situations, and some attractive tempting element of those you turn into reality, using your ability to have a comprehensive insight into the internal dependencies of the situation. You alternately use several different ways and techniques of self-improvement and spiritual development, you want to achieve higher vibrations and feel enlightenment and freedom from material attachments. You want to bring your transcendental dreams, visions and plans to realization as soon as possible, however, yet acting in disharmony with your own unsettled emotional conditioning, inspired by fears and the desire to escape from working out karmic nodes in the current incarnation, brings defeats and disappointments.