Chakras Balance Test

Balanced Root Chakra

It is easy for you to feel "at home" just anywhere - you can settle in any new place without much effort. You feel especially well in the bosom of nature - whether it's summer or winter, you are always like a fish in the water. You just love the world and your presence in it, so you are sympathetic and respectful of your body and you successfully care for it, keeping it healthy and in good shape. You think that, what you own is sufficient for good enough living,  you show flexibility in dealing with material issues and you are accompanied by a sense of well-being ("what I have is just right - it is good").

You do not lack the desire to live, and you react to problems as required by the situation - when it’s needed, you act dynamically, and then rest without remorse because you know that you need to regenerate. You live in a balanced and harmonious way, and because you pay attention to the foundations, you can fulfill plans at different levels of difficulty - you know that your design will not collapse because you have taken care of its stable foundations first.

You are open to having kids. If you are not yet a parent, you are thinking about this and in the future you would like to have children. Courageously, consciously and sensitively, use your harmonious energy of Root  Chakra, to be an example and support for others in this area of Life.