Chakras Balance Test

Obsessive Intuition Chakra

A constant, automatic listening to the messages of intuition causes you to get lost in a multitude of doubts and hints. You are completely immersed in dialogue with your inner voice, but its variability and your lack of practice in distinguishing it from the voice of emotions, intellect or beliefs causes that you are like a “flag in the wind” and a “child in the fog”. You may seem absent or distracted. You need to ground yourself and transform your fears, purify and calm the energy of this chakra. You function through the prism of reason and intellect, the so-called "heavy head". You want to regulate everything rationally, allowing only truths gained through rational thinking and critical analysis. You lack holistic view and the ability to integrate in a larger cosmic context. You show the symptoms of mental combinationalism, intellectual arrogance and the overflow of thoughts. You reject spiritual cognition as unscientific and unrealistic, you only allow what’s reasonable and logically understandable and what can be checked and proved by scientific methods. When you get pushed out of safety, your imagination gets out of control, takes over, lives its own life full of negative or fanciful scenarios and rules your thoughts and emotions. Your desires inspire various vision topics which revolve around daydreaming, obsessive sexual fantasies or fond memories. Do you often get lost on a out of reality like “Alice in wonderland” vision trips or tangled imagination scenarios? Notice lack of harmony in those departures of consciousness. Daily, you go through elaborate machiavellian visions of situations, and some tempting parts of those you make come true, using your ability to have a comprehensive insight into the internal dependencies of the situations. Obsessiveness in the field of transcendence and spiritual strength leads to influencing people or matters by willpower and manipulative thoughts, in order to demonstrate one's own power or satisfy personal needs. Such actions can succeed, but because they will not be in harmony with the natural flow of life, they will only trigger a momentary feeling of contentment, leaving a feeling of isolation and emptiness. Your attempts to apply the law of attraction to selfish goals will not bring the expected successes.