Chakras Balance Test

Blocked Sexual Chakra

Do you know why your libido is minimal, even under favorable circumstances of sensual attraction? Erotic fantasies do not happen too often, and sexual expression is blocked by i.e. shame, low self esteem, or negative experiences. Little feelings appear, they are rare and they are quiet, there is no passion. Sometimes, on occasion, it may come to an explosion of suppressed emotions. There is no conscious feeling and enjoyment of flavors, hugs, smells, sunshine on the face. The bodily comfort is rather indifferent to you, "no need for comfort, it doesn’t matter to me", the rejection of the desire for bodily comfort as a sign of i.e. weakness. Complexes reduce the sense of self-attractiveness and attraction of the opposite sex, strong mental blockade in initiation and enjoyment of mating dance, temptation or hitting on seem unnatural to you, in your performance. Why is it so difficult to enjoy the moment and follow the inner desire to seek pleasure and joy? Rules and fears stop the person from indulging in healthy and unhealthy pleasures and addictions.