Chakras Balance Test

Weak Sexual Chakra

You activate sexually rather in response to the other person's clear interest and initiative. You happen to have sexual fantasies when someone inspires you their beauty and sensuality. You show shy but clear expression of sexual arousal, verbal, mimic or touch, meaning you tempt or you hit on. You are a moderately emotional person, but sometimes you let yourself get carried away by passion or bear feelings. In exceptional moments you open up to sensual pleasures, ie, enjoying the flavors, hugging, the scents of nature, the sunshine on your face. You rarely notice or usually underestimate the need for comfort, except sleep time and occasional relaxation. You have a moderate opinion of your own bodily attractiveness, but under favorable circumstances you initiate or let yourself be invited to a mating dance and enjoy it. You manage to enjoy the moment, in times of security and contentment, the search for joy appears in you when you are well rested and have a clear external inspiration, such as good company or during weekend. On unique occasions you let yourself indulge in pleasures, even a little unhealthy but delicious.