Chakras Balance Test

Balanced Sexual Chakra

Sex and sexual expression are free and natural; sexual excitement is often triggered by both external stimuli and internal spontaneous activation. Expressing excitement and sensual interest in the other person is original and sensible, such as compliments, facial expressions, or appropriate touch. You feel a broad palette of positive and negative emotions, you are affectionately balanced, although you feel passion and let yourself be carried away. Every day you enjoy the opportunity to enjoy sensual pleasures, such as the taste of food, hugging, the scents of nature, the sunshine on your face. Every day you find some time to enjoy, appropriate to your needs, moments of rest and bodily comfort. Belief in your own attractiveness you build on the awareness of your personal charm, the ability to expose and use your bodily qualities. You have the ease of attracting the opposite sex and inner freedom to tempt or to hit on. Harmoniously and naturally you engage in mating dance. Every day you enjoy the good times that come along. You are easily following your desire to experience joy in the occasion. You deliberately create joyful situations and ecstatic moments. You harmoniously switch between pleasant self-indulgence and less-sensual earthly duties. Courageously, consciously and sensibly, use your harmonious energy of the Sexual Chakra to be an example and support for others in the corresponding area of ​​Life.