Chakras Balance Test

Overactive Sexual Chakra

Sexual excitement appears almost daily under the influence of various inspirations and external stimuli and spontaneous fantasies. Every day you are going through inspirational sensual fantasies, you joyfully express your sexual energy in various daily occasions. You try to initiate mating dance with different more or less interested people, sometimes you are too intense, but when the other person is interested you are successful. You often get carried away by emotions "from anger to fear, from crying to laughing in a minute". When experiencing passion, you are unpredictable or ecstatic. You like sensual pleasures, enjoying the taste of food, hugging someone, enjoying the scents. You provide them to yourself when and as much as you want, they give you the earthly joy of life, sometimes compulsively dominate and relieve. You can notice a clear desire for bodily comfort, you care for your comfort, discomfort is causing you dissatisfaction. You show a lot of physical attractiveness and you base your self-esteem on it. Sometimes you may fall into pride or exalt oneself over others because of your effective sexual attraction and your art of picking up or tempting. Do you notice your attraction to light and joyful, pleasurable activities? and at the same time unwilling to "go down to the earth" and to deal with mundane duties and less pleasant matters. You have at least one pleasurable habit that you do yourself at least once a day, as a reward or for relief from monotony.