Chakras Balance Test

Description of Individual Test outcome

You will receive information on the energy(balance) level in each of the chakras, so you will discover what your type of energetic personality is. You will learn at what stage of development is your consciousness, also whether your feminine and masculine elements are in balance. Transformation Spirals give you hints as to how you can unlock the energy you need and build harmony in your life.

The individual chakras energy&balance test consists of 21 questions, which allows to determine the level of harmony in each of the 7 chakras of the person, as well as the collective characteristics of the vibrational personality, i.e. type of energetic personality, level of consciousness, the openness of the heart chakra and femininity / masculinity balance. Thanks to the spirals of personal development, the spiral of release and the spiral of manifestation, the person receives individual guidelines that support its development path in both the material and spiritual worlds.


Chakras are subtle energetic centers that function in the human body. Each of the 7 main chakras is associated with a specific area of feelings and competence in life.

Each of the seven chakras has a current state of strength (current level of harmony) defined by answers to the questions of the chakrasbalancetest: closed, weak, balanced, overactive, obsessive.

Because each of the chakras concerns a different area of the person's functioning, the level of strength and harmony of the given chakra speaks about the balance and awareness of the person in a given area of life.

I chakra - Root Chakra

The element of Root Chakra is Earth. It relates to all earthly aspects, such as the body, health and the will to live. This chakra is responsible for the survival instinct and sense of security.

All levels of Root Chakra:

II chakra - Sexual Chakra

The element of Sexual Chakra is water, which which identifies sexuality, pleasure and emotions. Sexual chakra gives us the right to bliss, feelings and change, and allows us to trust people.

All levels of Sexual Chakra:

III chakra - Power Chakra

Its element is Fire. Power Chakra is directed at action. It allows us to find in ourselves the causative power, the will to act and courage.

All levels of Power Chakra:

IV chakra - Heart Chakra

Element of Heart Chakra is Air. This Chakra gives us right to love, freedom and harmony. Love and forgiveness are basic values of person with harmonized Heart Chakra.

All levels of Heart Chakra :

V chakra - Communication Chakra

Element of Communication Chakra is Sound; It provides right to talk and be heard. Through Communication Chakra we can verbalize our inner truth and communicate with other people.

All levels of Communication Chakra :

VI chakra - Intuition Chakra

Element of Intuition Chakra is Light. Intuition Chakra gives us the ability of intuitive understanding, sharpens our sight making us attentive observers of life. It strengthens our sensitivity to inner truth energy of other people, their emotion and auras.

All levels of Intuition Chakra :

VII chakra - Crown Chakra

Element of Crown Chakra is Thought. It's activity concerns deep understanding and unity with The Universe. Crown Chakra depends on truth and simplicity, allows us freeing ourselves from masks and seeks that we reach state of inner divinity and trust in wisdom of Absolute.

All levels of Crown Chakra:

Energetic types

The type of energetic personality determines if the person is vibratively balanced, i.e. efficiently functions both materially and mentally, or whether one of these areas dominates in her life, either earthbound or immaterial.

All available Person Types:

Consciousness Level

Consciousness level determines the current vibrational harmony in the set of all 7 chakras of the person, the more chakras are balanced the higher the level of consciousness of the person.

All available Consiousness Levels:

Heart chakra

Because the Heart chakra is the central and most important chakra in the energetic body, its open or closed state is of great importance in the sense of freedom and love, and for the free flow of energy and vibrations between the upper mental chakras and the earthbound lower chakras.

All available Heart Chakra Levels:

Gender Relation

The evolution of the two sexes and their opposite polarity, implies that in the chakra system 3 of them emanate male energy, while the other 3 have female energy. Depending on the level of harmony and strength of the mentioned chakras, as well as the life situation, a person, regardless of their physical sex, may have more feminine, more masculine or balanced female-male energy.

All available Gender Relations:

Spirals of personal development

All the chakras lie on the two spirals which start at the heart chakra. Those spirals allow us to find the easiest ways to transform spiritually.

Spiral of release

The spiral of release leads to the crown chakra, is the path of personal development leading to higher vibrations, through the process of liberation from earthbound material desires.

Spiral of manifestation

The spiral of manifestation leads to the base chakra, it is the path of personal development that allows emanation of higher vibrations, thoughts and visions into earthbound and material forms.