Chakras Balance Test

Person Type Mental

Mental type - Such persons have a lot of ideas and often developed imagination. They are creative and very aware of themselves as well as the world. They live in a world of visions and plans, but they often struggle with finishing their plans or putting them into practice at all. In practice, they cannot realize their ideas. They are also unable to make money. They don’t live in the world of matters, and don’t cope with the material aspects of live. These people don’t have sensual connection with the body (they might have problems with being overweight). They don’t have sense of sexuality, they rarely experience bodily pleasures. They can’t influence their surroundings with their willpower and express their opinion.

Such people are cut off from the sense of instinct.

Frequently, people who are characterized as a mental type do not feel attractive and satisfied in relationships with others. They are not the ones who have both feet on the ground. Description such as dreamers, visionaries are more suitable to describe them. Often people who function as a mental type are very original and often are called “artistic souls". Not rarely, they are inspiration for others. Such persons may have so-called "Deeper vision” but being with them can also give you a sense of life with an “alien”.

Such persons are good orators, they cope well with stage fright and public appearances are not troublesome for them. People with open upper chakras contemplate the sense and meaning of life. They want to experience divinity and unity with the supernatural world. Often, such people make decisions based on intuition, not a logical analysis. They can also celebrate and enjoy life, listen to the voice of their soul and (create their own legend, not fulfilling other’s plans.)? Individuals who belong to the mental type have a sense of a strong connection with God, and supernatural forces, they can completely submit their live to divine power, and trust, that everything what happen, is good for them.

With regard to the chakra system, mental type are people who have closed “lower” chakras – first, second and third, and open “upper” chakras – the throat, the third and the “crown” chakra.