Chakras Balance Test

Person Type Earthbound

Eartbound – it’s very practical type of people, concentrated on their own goals, often financially independent. They follow their instinct. This type of people can impact the environment by their will power. They frequently have very good contact with their body, they take care of it and engage in sports. They are assiduous realizing their objectives often takes long hours of drudgery. This kind of people don’t have action ease. It’s hard for them to change because they are strongly embedded in routine and habits. They are cut from the natural expression. Frequently it’s hard for them to manifest something new due to attachment to existing sense of security whatever that may be. People characterized as earth type are not creative, they don’t have many ideas or dreams. In life they are often targeted towards world of matter and money. They can accumulate material goods, put plan into practice and bring them to the end. Those people have both feet on the ground. Lack of content with higher chakras may cause feeling of heaviness on life, taking to many obligations on themselves and deficiency of feeling of purpose and meaning in actions. They do their work well, but it lacks love, passion, creativity and joy of creation.  

Such persons are connected to their sexuality and often decide to have offspring. People of earthy type, through their good connection with nature, Earth, choose places that benefit their health to live there.

Those people can also fight for what's theirs, often push out and speak their mind out loud. Their sense of security is mainly rooted in the matter and frequently its accumulation is meaning of their life. Those people can also have constant desire to satisfy the needs of pleasure. Extremity in this area may cause falling into addictions for example: sex, alcohol, smoking, chocolate, drugs and so on. However, those people have often developed sense of internal control, clearly state their opinions, communicate their needs. They are also characterized by heaviness in life, due to lack of balance in area of higher emotions. Their expression and manifestation areas are blocked, they frequently wait for the opportunity in life. They can be described as wallflowers.

With reference to chakra system earthy type are people whose "higher" chakras - throat chakra, "third eye" chakra and "crown" chakra are closed, and "lower" chakras - first, second and third are open.