Chakras Balance Test

Heart Chakra Open

The open heart chakra connects the Earth's energy of the lower chakras with the energy of the mental upper chakras. The flow takes place from top to bottom in the direction of manifestation. Thanks to empathy, sharing and forgiveness, it allows for finding motivation, courage and partners to consider ideas, make visions real, create plans and maintain harmony in the team that performs tasks. The flow also takes place from bottom to top in the direction of liberation. Thanks to the desire for liberation, the willingness to empathize and love, it allows to find the distance to one's individuality, hope for mutual inspiration and spiritual allies to talk about visions, visualize intuitive images and meditate together for fulfillment.

Besides “I forgive, accept and love myself”, open heart chakra reacts and takes care primarily of others. It focuses mainly on “What are the needs of other people?”, How will he/she feel?”, Will it be also interesting and good for her/him?” Preserving harmony between the beliefs "I am important, I turn to myself" and "they are important, I turn to others" is crucial for a balance between the individual and the social aspect of life. To achieve it you need to develop the Power and Heart chakras to the same extent.

Heart chakra as the main center of the chakra system affects all chakras. It is especially important because it is source of forgiveness and love, which are able to effectively dissolve and neutralize all tensions that can disharmonize and block other chakras. By opening the heart chakra, you can achieve the opening and harmonious expression of the others chakras’ energy.