Chakras Balance Test

Relationship Test outcome explanation

You will learn how your chakras stimulate each other and how your types of energetic personality, individual consciousness levels and the combination of elements of femininity and masculinity affect the development of your relationship.

The relationship chakras energy&balance test consists of 21 questions for each person, which allows to determine how the level of harmony in each of the 7 chakras of each of these persons affects their relationship in seven areas of life.

You will receive information about how your energetic personality types, your levels of conciousness, the opening of the heart chakras, and how male and female energy interacts in your relationship. You will also be able to view your individual test results without losing the result of the partnership test.

Person type collation

You will learn the challenges and potential of connecting your energetic types of earthbound, mental or balanced.

All available Person Type Collations:

Heart chakra collation

You will notice how important it is to open the heart chakra for a connection in a partner relationship, whether it is a relationship of love or friendship.

All available Heart Chakra Collations:

Consciousness level collation

Depending on the overall harmonization of the set of the seven chakras of both persons, the relationship may be more or less conscious and developing, and bring with it special abilities and character, eg master - student.

All available Consiousness Collations:

Gender collation

Depending on the masculinity and femininity of people completing the test, your relationship will have the characteristics of delicacy or power, it will determine the level of fit on the line of domination - submission.

All available Gender Collations:

Chakra levels collations

The list of individual relationships of the seven pairs of chakras tells about the functioning of the relationship of two people in areas of life corresponding to a particular chakra.